Welcome to INFJ Community!

Hey there!! Welcome to INFJ Community! I am so glad you’re here!! Let me tell you a little bit about this community. 

I’ve been writing the INFJ Woman blog for about a year and have had the INFJ Woman Instagram account for a little bit more than a year. I keep hearing the same thing come up over and over again: we need a community for INFJs. We need a place where we can come together and learn from each other. We need a place where we can connect with people who are just like us and make lifelong friends and business connections. 

I started the Instagram account, blog and podcast for just those reasons. I am amazed by how quickly it has grown and how much we have all shown up for each other already. I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing INFJs through my podcast, some that have become very dear friends in a short amount of time. It’s amazing the connection we have just knowing that we have so much in common to start with. 

I want that so much for you too. I want you to make friends with people who understand you. I want you to have a resource to go to when you need something, whether it’s life advice, business advice or just someone to say, “yep, me too. I do the same thing!” 

So, I took that idea of a community and I ran with it. It became a lot bigger than what I had originally had in mind. Today, as it is going live for all to see, there are 2 parts of it: a website and a community… and it’s all for and by INFJs. Let’s talk about what both of those are. 

The Website

The INFJ Community website is a wonderful place for INFJs to share what matters to them the most. I like to think of it as a newspaper or magazine that is all information for and by INFJs. 

There are sections for living, health & wellness, relationships, writing, business and travel. I have recruited expert INFJs from each field to contribute regular content for these categories. You will also see posts on the page from me as well. 

But the most important part of the website is that I want to hear from you too! If you are an INFJ and you want to write something, please send it my way! (email me at skuhn@infjwoman.com) It doesn’t matter at all if you are a “professional” writer or just a beginner. This is a place for us to learn and share and I know that you have something to share with all of us! You’ll be amazed at all of the “me too’s” you get when you do share! You can find out more about what to write and all the details here. 

This is also a place for INFJs to promote their businesses and their products. I know a lot of us are writers or entrepreneurs. I would love to hear about your blog or business and how you are helping others. I know that if we work together we can all support each other and be successful because of this community.  

The Community

When I think of an online community I think Facebook. I know not everyone uses and likes Facebook and I admit there are some challenges with the algorithm and the ads. But I love the concept. So I went to work and found a platform that is very similar, but without the challenges. 

It’s a membership platform for us to connect and share and learn. You can sign up here. There is a main new feed with posts, articles, links and videos. You will also find groups for specific interests like writing and building your business. 

This platform will also give us the opportunity to host live online and in-person events, which I am really excited about! I would love the opportunity to further connect with you and get to know you better!

There is also a chat feature in the platform where you can reach other members and myself as well. I plan on showing up quite a bit for this community! 

I really hope you will consider joining. You will find it’s very easy to sign up and you can download an app for your phone as well that will take you straight to the group. 

My hope and dream is that we can all connect with each other and find the understanding and belonging that we are looking for. I know that you have so much to give and share and I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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